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Our main contact details are as follows:

Eaton Estate Office 
CH4 9ET 
United Kingdom

T  +44 1244 684400 

Key contacts: 

Annabel Farbon - Agent, Eaton Estate 
Annabel is responsible for the long-term stewardship of the Eaton Estateimproving local property and places as well as striving to protect, enhance and restore its sensitive environmental habitats.  


Nigel Driver - Head of Commercial Property Management 

Nigel leads the commercial property team which provides commercial properties including retail and leisure, offices and warehouses


Rachael Walker - Head of Rural Property Management 

Rachael leads the rural property team which lets and manages agricultural and residential property across the estate.


Joby Howard - Director of Building Services 

Joby leads the team who are responsible for maintaining and improving properties and places across Grosvenor’s Rural Estates. 


Greg Vickers - Rural Estates Head Forester 

Greg leads the forestry teams who sustainably manage woodlands and treeon Grosvenor’s Rural Estates, including those at Eaton. 


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