We embrace sustainable fuel sources

All of the energy on Grosvenor’s Rural Estates is supplied from renewable sources.

The landscape at the Reay Forest in the Highlands of Scotland lends itself to the generation of green energy.  

Individual wind generators were attached to houses on the estate in the early 1900s and the first hydroelectric scheme was installed in the 1920s at Maldie. Following upgrades, it remains in use today and provides power to the buildings at Kylestrome. 

In 2013 a second, larger scheme, was completed at Maldie. This generates enough energy to power over 3,000 homes, the balance exported to the national grid. 

A third hydro scheme, developed in collaboration with a neighbouring estate, is fitted with a 690kW generator producing power which is exported to the national grid. 

Waste wood from our forestry management is chipped and used as biomass fuel, a renewable source of heat and hot water, to power 50 homes and businesses across the UK rural estates.  

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