Over three years, we’ve planted half a million trees

All of our forestry is managed sustainably

We have planted over 500,000 trees across more than 60 hectares at Eaton in Cheshire in the last three years, our largest planted area yet, helping to improve water quality, increase biodiversity and reduce the risk of flooding.  

Across Grosvenor’s rural estates we manage more than 2,800 hectares of woodlands. All of our forestry is managed sustainably.  

These trees and the soils they grow in are a valuable carbon store and remove atmospheric carbon as they grow.  

We have commissioned zero carbon solutions company Verco to accurately calculate the carbon stored in these trees and how much additional carbon dioxide they capture each year.   

Our foresters are responsible for the ongoing care and management of these woodlands and trees, as well as the production of high-quality timber, woodchip and firewood logs.  

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