Our ‘on the farm’ software solutions increase efficiency, productivity and traceability, saving producers time and money, giving consumers confidence in food produce.

Through AgriWebb’s digital platforms, we’re helping the food and agriculture industry become more trusted, efficient, and productive.

AgriWebb is Australia’s market leader in livestock management and software with thousands of farmers using its technology to manage more than 10 million animals and 35 million acres of farmland.

Its agricultural and herd software solutions enable a simpler and more effective management of data driven activities, such as farm resources, financial information and traceability.

This means beef and sheep farmers can more easily manage a wide range of processes including animal records, optimise grazing using inbuilt mapping software and prioritise tasks for employees.

For food manufacturers and consumers, AgriWebb’s technology improves food provenance tracking, increasing the traceability of the foods we eat.

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Grosvenor Food & AgTech has unrivaled experience and knowledge of the bovine sector through its long-standing farming operations. Its team is the perfect investment partner, acting as a sounding board, generating opportunities and facilitating the identification, development and scaling up of lasting solutions.

Kevin Baum
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, AgriWebb

For more information on Grosvenor Food & AgTech's investment in AgriWebb please contact:

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Anthony James

Managing Partner, Grosvenor Food & AgTech

+44 1244 670981

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