Oxbury Bank

How can a dedicated agricultural bank better support British farmers to become more productive and sustainable?

We helped launch Oxbury Bank, the UK’s first dedicated agricultural bank in nearly 100 years, which is enabling British farmers to manage their finances more efficiently and effectively, helping them to become more productive and sustainable.

Oxbury Bank provides greater flexibility to the UK’s farm businesses. It is able to make rapid lending decisions so producers and growers can spend their time on the farm and invest in growing their businesses.

The business was launched in 2021 and provides exclusively farmer focused services which cannot be accessed from the traditional mainstream and high street banks which control over 70% of lending.

It also offers consumer saving accounts which provide customers with the opportunity to use their interest to fund the UK’s thriving farming community and sustainability projects across Britain – such as tree planting schemes.

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For more information on Grosvenor Food & AgTech's investment in Oxbury Bank please contact:

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