How can you understand billions of datapoints to fight complex diseases and develop personalised medicine, nutrition and health and wellness solutions?

PrecisionLife’s powerful analytics platform interprets complex biological data and other influences to change the way the world predicts, prevents and treats chronic diseases, developing more personalised treatment options and furthering our understanding of how foods, medicines and healthcare can be combined to improve peoples’ lives.

PrecisionLife has discovered hundreds of opportunities for existing drugs to be extended into new disease areas to treat patients with unmet medical need faster, more cost effectively, and with a greater probability of success. For example, it was the first to identify an existing drug – dutasteride – as a treatment for severe COVID-19, which has kept thousands of people out of ICU. 

The company's platform also identified the first ever genetic drivers of ME/CFS paving the way for better diagnostics and personalized treatments. Similar studies are helping in the fight against asthma, Alzheimer's, ALS and breast cancer.

As well as providing the ability to drive valuable insights from human biological data, PrecisionLife’s technology also has wide applications in the food and agricultural sector.

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Support from Grosvenor Food & AgTech has enabled PrecisionLife to develop groundbreaking analytical approaches to some of the most complex human health challenges. At the same time these developments are creating new commercial opportunities in animal and crop breeding and health.

Steve Gardner
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, PrecisionLife

For more information on Grosvenor Food & AgTech's investment in PrecisionLife please contact:

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Anthony James

Managing Partner, Grosvenor Food & AgTech

+44 207 3122 781

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