Liverpool ONE

Liverpool ONE is the result of Grosvenor’s vision to remake a city centre in a way that is sympathetic to its history

Liverpool ONE is a leading retail and entertainment destination, set in the heart of Liverpool, the UK’s most sociable city.  Built around the city centre’s existing streets, the 1.65 million sq ft contemporary open-air destination is a must-visit for those who love to shop, eat, drink, be entertained and relax. 

Developed and actively managed by Grosvenor, Liverpool ONE attracts visitors from throughout the Liverpool City Region, the North West and, as part of the city’s tourism offer, the wider UK and overseas.  It embodies the character of the city and its people, and is a proud and active contributor to the city.

Key to Liverpool ONE’s success is Grosvenor’s commitment  to providing so much more than simply great shops, restaurants, bars and leisure offers.  It is managed and promoted as a place for people to socialise, to be entertained and to enjoy.  The success of the approach is reflected in Liverpool ONE’s performance, with sales in 2021 11.5% ahead of 2019.

Liverpool ONE demonstrates what is possible when creativity, collaboration and commitment come together.

Visit the Liverpool ONE website here.

Celebrating 10 years of Liverpool ONE

Celebrating 10 years of Liverpool ONE

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